Office Water Coolers

We Have a Wide Range of Office Water Coolers and Dispensers to Suit Every Business

Our range of office water coolers and dispensers are designed to suit every type of business. From a small office with only a few staff to a larger organization with high volume drinking water requirements. Whatever type of business you have, we certainly have an office water cooler and dispenser to suit your needs. Our range of office water coolers and dispensers all deliver freshly filtered drinking water, chilled (or not), that is free of lead, chlorine and other harmful impurities, without the need for disposable bottles.


Turn your existing office tap water into an endless supply of filtered office drinking water. Most of our office water coolers offer a choice of cold only or hot & cold water options. There are also smaller bench top water coolers if floor space in your workplace is an issue. Choose from the refillable free standing office water coolers and dispensers with a reservoir refillable from your own tap or our plumbed in models that are directly connected to your mains water supply.


Adding to our range of office water coolers and dispensers are the under sink water systems with boiling and/or cold water options. Similarly we have wall-mounted boilers that deliver endless boiling water for staff rooms, tea rooms and office kitchens. For high volume usage we offer water bubblers & drinking fountains which are ideal for factories and building sites.


Because our refillable office water coolers and dispensers do not require exchange bottles and our mains connected water coolers are totally bottle-less your first saving is your valuable floor space as there is no longer any need to store those unsightly, bulky and heavy exchange or disposable water bottles. There is no need to pay to have water delivered to your door when it already flows freely from every tap. These differences mean our water coolers and dispensers are more economical and environmentally responsible than conventional bottled office water cooler and dispenser systems. All our office water coolers and dispensers use hi-tech carbon filters to ensure that your office drinking water is the best tasting and of the highest quality possible at all times.

Our office water coolers and dispenser systems can save you up to 70% of the cost of bottled water and spring water supplies and our low, fixed cost rental options include all maintenance, regular sanitising, filter replacement and thermostat check.

Features and Detail of Office Water Coolers

Filter your existing tap water & save!

Much cheaper than bottled water!

Environmentally friendly!

For continuous supply!

Available Types Office Water Coolers

refillable water coolers

Our refillable water coolers and dispensers have a unique refillable reservoir. Unlike conventional office water coolers and dispensers, there’s no need to change the bottle! Just refill as required direct from your tap for a continuous supply of pure & clear, freshly filtered water.

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plumbed in water dispensers

Our contemporary-styled plumbed in office water coolers and dispensers are ideally suited to heavier use environments.
They have easy to clean surfaces and connect directly to your mains water supply so you never run out of fresh, clear, filtered water.

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benchtop water coolers

Our benchtop office water coolers and dispensers are the perfect solution for when floor space is limited. They are sleek and modern compact units that connect directly to your mains water supply to provide a constant supply of fresh, clear, filtered water.

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hot water boilers

Get instant hot water at your fingertips, and every drop is filtered! Our wall mounted boiler units are compact, energy efficient and fully automatic. They save space, time and money. No more filling the hot water urn or waiting for the kettle to boil. Perfect for office kitchens and staff rooms. We also have a range of instant hot water taps.

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water bubblers

Our filtered water bubblers & drinking fountains connect to your main water supply to give a continuous flow of chilled filtered drinking water. They are perfect for schools, construction sites, hospitals, factories and other heavy use environments. Filtered water bubblers & drinking fountains are 10 litre capacity, hardwearing.

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under sink water filters

Our combined boiled and chilled under bench system is the latest innovation in under sink water systems. It provides unsurpassed quality in the delivery of both boiling hot and refreshingly chilled drinking water seamlessly at the touch of a button. Being largely out of sight, these units are perfect for areas where space is limited.

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