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Supplying & Servicing Office Water Coolers & Dispensers throughout Gold Coast ensuring that the water is purified and safe for consumption.

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We are the leading provider of office water coolers throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast region.

Being fully Australian owned and operated, we can provide economical and Eco-friendly alternatives to the conventional bottled water coolers representing true value for money.

Who we supply – We are leading suppliers of office water coolers and dispensers throughout Eastern Queensland region from the NSW boarder to Bundaberg and beyond from small offices to large corporations. The preferred water cooler supplier for many statewide and eastern seaboard organizations, we are also trusted by many prominent business names to provide and service them with our office water coolers.

We take our commitment to our water cooler customers seriously and provide on-going client support with all our rental agreements. Matched with our quality water coolers and our friendly, professional water cooler service technicians, we maintain our level of service to be the best in the business.

What we believe – As an essential element to good health and well-being, we believe that clean and clear freshly filtered drinking water should be available to everyone – and in the most cost-effective manner. Protecting our environment from the destruction and degradation associated with continued bottled water and spring water production and its widespread use is also a major concern. By utilizing the availability of mains-fed tap water that is already in place our filtered water coolers can do both.

Not only do all our office water coolers provide an endless supply of freshly filtered water at a fraction of the cost of spring water and conventional bottled water – our green solutions to traditional bottled water coolers allow our customers to choose the most economical, most convenient and most effective way of obtaining high quality, healthy filtered water to drink…and it’s the clear choice to help the planet.

Contact us today to find out more about how our office water coolers can be a benefit for you and your business.

Why Choose Gold Coast Water Coolers ?

Fresh filtered water in unlimited supply

No more bottled water deliveries

No more heavy lifting

No more bottled storage required

Environmentally friendly

More cost effective than bottled water

Special offer!

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